How to choose a holiday rental in Surrey that offers guided vineyard tours?

Planning a holiday that combines the comfort of a cosy rental with the allure of vineyard tours can be an exciting venture. If you're looking to partake in the famed viticulture of Surrey, you'll undoubtedly want a rental that complements the experience. In this article, we'll guide you through the criteria to select the best holiday rental in Surrey that offers guided vineyard tours.

Understanding Surrey's Wine Culture

Before you delve into the search for a holiday rental, it's crucial to comprehend the significance of Surrey's wine history. Located a mere day-trip away from London, Surrey is renowned for its vineyards, producing some of the best English wines. The combination of chalky soil and a climate akin to that of Champagne in France, offers an ideal platform for vine growth.

Surrey hosts exquisite vineyards and wineries, offering top-notch tours and tastings. These estates often feature wine varieties including sparkling, white, red, and rosé wines. As a guest, you'll have the opportunity to explore vineyards, learn about the winemaking process, and engage in wine tastings, all within a few hours of your day.

Holiday Rentals in Proximity to Vineyards

Location is everything when choosing a holiday rental in Surrey. Several estates in the region offer vineyard tours, hence staying near these vineyards will save you commuting time that could be better spent savouring wines or exploring the Sussex countryside.

Look for rentals within a short distance of renowned estates like Denbies Wine Estate, Albury Organic Vineyard, or Greyfriars Vineyard. The closeness to vineyards is not only practical but also offers the scenic beauty of a vineyard view right from your window.

Using keywords such as 'near vineyards' or 'winery proximity' in your rental search can narrow down your options. Consider rentals that provide transport to the vineyards. Some properties even collaborate with local vineyards to offer private tours for their guests, an advantage that adds to the exclusivity of your holiday.

Amenities for Wine Enthusiasts

Holiday rentals that cater to wine enthusiasts often provide amenities that will enhance your wine tour experience. These may include a wine fridge to store your purchased bottles, a well-equipped kitchen to pair your wines with a home-cooked meal, or a spacious outdoor seating area where you can enjoy your wine while taking in Surrey's picturesque views.

In addition, some rentals offer bespoke services such as arranging private vineyard tours or wine tastings at the property itself. This can be an excellent option if you're looking to enjoy Surrey's wines at your leisure without the constraints of a tour schedule.

Assessing the Quality of the Vineyard Tour

The quality of the vineyard tour itself is an important aspect to consider. Look for rentals associated with vineyards that offer comprehensive tours which include visiting the grape vines, the winery, and participating in wine tastings.

Estate vineyards such as Denbies or High Clandon offer guided tours that take you through the viticulture and wine-making process, educating you on the nuances of winemaking. These tours typically last a few hours, often culminating in a tasting session where you can sample the estate's best wines.

Availability and Flexibility

Lastly, you'll want to ensure that the vineyard tours are available and flexible during your stay. Vineyards tours can be seasonal or subject to weather conditions, hence it's crucial to verify the tour schedules before making your booking.

Furthermore, you might prefer a private tour over a group one. In such cases, check with the rental or the vineyard if they can cater to this preference. Some vineyards offer 'Vine to Wine' experiences, allowing you to participate in the winemaking process. This could be a unique addition to your stay.

Choosing a holiday rental in Surrey that offers vineyard tours requires a careful consideration of various factors. By focusing on the proximity to vineyards, available amenities for wine enthusiasts, quality of the tours and their availability, you'll be well on your way to enjoy a memorable wine-infused holiday in Surrey.

Property Reviews and Feedback

Before booking your holiday rental in Surrey, reading through reviews and feedback from previous guests is highly recommended. This can give you invaluable insights into the quality of the property, the host's hospitality, and the overall experience of past guests. For instance, reviews might reveal how the property caters to wine enthusiasts, the quality of the tours, tastings and wine estate, or details about the vineyard tours and their availability.

You can find reviews on various platforms like the property's official website, vacation rental websites, or TripAdvisor LLC. Search for keywords such as 'wine tour', 'wine tasting', 'vineyard proximity', and 'vineyard view' in the reviews to gauge past guests' experiences with these specific aspects.

While reading the reviews, be discerning. It's essential to remember that the review is a subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not a reflection of the property's overall quality. Every visitor has unique preferences, and what works for one might not work for another. Therefore, look for consistent patterns or comments across reviews, as they are more likely to provide an accurate representation.

Also, make sure the company performs checks on the reviews to ensure their authenticity. Fraudulent reviews can mislead you, resulting in a less than satisfactory holiday experience.

Award-Winning Vineyard Tours

Teaming up with award-winning vineyards can significantly enhance your wine-infused holiday experience. Surrey Hills, a region rich in sparkling wines, is home to several award-winning vineyards that offer exceptional tours and tastings.

One such example is the Greyfriars Vineyard, known for its award-winning sparkling wine. The vineyard offers one of the best wine tours in Surrey, letting you explore the vineyard, enjoy a glass of their finest sparkling wine, and learn more about the wine-making process.

Another popular award-winning vineyard is Denbies Wine Estate. It offers an extensive range of sparkling wines and provides a well-rounded wine tour, allowing you to delve into the art of viticulture and enjoy a spectrum of tastings.

Look for properties that collaborate with these award-winning vineyards to ensure a quality wine tour experience. Remember to check reviews and feedback from TripAdvisor LLC or other guests regarding these vineyard tours.


Choosing a holiday rental in Surrey that offers guided vineyard tours involves striking a balance between a comfortable stay and a captivating wine experience. The key considerations include the rental's proximity to renowned vineyards, its amenities for wine enthusiasts, the quality and flexibility of the vineyard tours, and association with award-winning vineyards.

Reading through reviews and feedback can help you assess these factors and select a property that aligns with your preferences. With careful planning and consideration, you can have a memorable holiday experience in Surrey, immersing yourself in the region's rich wine culture, savouring award-winning wines, and gaining a deeper understanding of viticulture.