What are the top-rated locations in Devon for a digital detox retreat in nature?

In an era where technology has woven itself into the fabric of our everyday lives, it's no wonder that many of us are yearning for a respite. A digital detox, as the name suggests, is a period where you voluntarily distance yourself from digital devices, allowing you to reconnect with the physical world around you. Devon, a beautiful county in southwest England, offers an ideal setting to embark on such a journey. In this article, we will review the top-rated, wellness retreats in Devon where you can peacefully unplug and recharge.

Unwind at the Tranquil Devon Yoga Retreat

Located in an idyllic Devonshire setting is the Devon Yoga Retreat, a haven for health-conscious individuals seeking a digital detox. This retreat provides a holistic approach to wellness, focusing on yoga for both physical and mental rejuvenation. Yoga, an age-old practice with proven benefits to health, takes center stage at the retreat with both beginner and advanced classes throughout the day.

At the Devon Yoga Retreat, you can immerse yourself in the calming rhythm of nature - the gentle rustling of leaves, the chirping of birds, the soothing hum of a nearby brook. The retreat offers free time during the day to explore the picturesque surroundings or simply relax in the tranquil, green space.

Detox in Style at the Cornwall Cottage

A little off the beaten track, the Cornwall Cottage offers a unique digital detox experience. This charming cottage retreat is nestled amidst lush green pastures and pristine lakes, making it a perfect wellness retreat.

The main attraction of the Cornwall Cottage is its unique detox program. The program includes a variety of wellness sessions that aim to cleanse the body and mind from digital distractions. The retreat offers a balanced schedule packed with relaxing activities such as nature walks, mindfulness sessions, and yoga workshops.

Nature's Embrace at the Devon Day Retreat

The Devon Day Retreat is another top-rated wellness retreat located in the heart of Devon. As the name suggests, this retreat offers day-long wellness programs designed to help individuals disconnect from their digital lives and reconnect with nature.

At the Devon Day Retreat, every day is a new experience. The retreat revolves around the concept of 'living in the moment,' and encourages people to involve themselves in various outdoor activities. From gardening to outdoor yoga, there's no shortage of ways to immerse oneself in the natural world.

Experience Wellness at the London Night Retreat

Although not located in Devon, the London Night Retreat deserves a mention for its unique approach to wellness. This retreat is perfect for those who can't escape the city but still wish for a digital detox.

Set against the backdrop of London's beautiful skyline, the retreat offers a unique wellness experience. It incorporates healthy, organic meals, yoga sessions, and mindfulness workshops into its itinerary. The retreat encourages guests to switch off their devices after sundown, promoting a peaceful night's sleep.

Unplug at the Jun Free Retreat

Last but not least, the Jun Free Retreat located in Devon offers a complete digital detox experience. This retreat is unique in that it provides guests with a completely device-free environment.

Upon arrival, guests are asked to surrender their digital devices. In exchange, they are offered a range of wellness activities such as yoga, mindfulness sessions, and outdoor activities that allow them to reconnect with their surroundings and themselves. The aim is to help guests realize the joy of living in the moment, free from the constant buzz of technology.

In summary, if you're seeking a digital detox retreat in the tranquil settings of Devon, there are a plethora of options available. Whether it's a yoga-focused retreat or a complete digital disconnection you're after, you're sure to find a retreat that caters to your needs. Remember, the aim of a digital detox is not to completely abandon technology, but to find a healthier balance between our digital and physical lives.

The Hidden Gem: The Essex Wellness Retreat

Situated in the county of Essex, the Essex Wellness Retreat is the hidden gem of United Kingdom detox locations. While this retreat is not located within Devon, it has gained multiple round reviews from people interested in digital detox. This retreat offers free cancellation, ensuring flexibility and ease of mind for its visitors.

At the Essex Wellness Retreat, the focus is on holistic wellness. The retreat offers a wide range of activities designed to help individuals disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with themselves and the natural world. The retreat's schedule includes yoga sessions, mindfulness activities, and nature walks. These activities encourage individuals to live in the present moment and appreciate the beauty of nature.

This retreat also works towards promoting a healthier lifestyle by offering organic meals. These meals are carefully planned and prepared with the aim of promoting good health and physical well-being. Coupled with the peaceful atmosphere of the retreat, this enhances the overall wellness experience.

Unwind at the United Kingdom Retreat

The United Kingdom Retreat in Essex England offers another option for those seeking a digital detox. This retreat has positive reviews and offers free cancellation, making it a popular choice for people interested in a digital detox. Don't let the name fool you - while the retreat is indeed in the United Kingdom, it's still within a short journey from Devon.

The retreat offers a variety of activities designed to help individuals disconnect from their digital devices and reconnect with nature. Yoga sessions, mindfulness workshops, and nature walks are all part of the retreat's daily schedule. In addition, the retreat offers organic meals and encourages a healthy lifestyle for its visitors.


As our lives become more and more entwined with technology, the need for a digital detox becomes increasingly apparent. The above-mentioned retreats offer the perfect environment to temporarily unplug and rejuvenate. Each retreat offers a unique experience, whether it's the day-long programs at the Devon Day Retreat, the device-free environment at the Jun Free Retreat, or the holistic approach at the Essex Wellness Retreat.

Remember, the aim of a digital detox is not to completely abandon technology, but to find a healthier balance between our digital and physical lives. In an age dominated by screens, taking time to disconnect and be present in the natural world is a priceless gift to ourselves. So why wait? Take the leap and plan a digital detox retreat today. After all, we all deserve a break to recharge and refresh.